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National Armored Car Association

National Armored Car Association

Formed in 1929, the National Armored Car Association (NACA) is a business association that brings together the three major companies of the armored car industry—Brink's, GardaWorld, and Loomis—with a focus on protecting and promoting the common interests of the industry. Our members provide secure transportation and cash management services for the Federal Reserve, financial institutions, state and local governments, and private businesses and individuals across the United States and internationally.

Industry News


Dollars Evolved: The Future of Cash Automation

Cash is one of the longest standing methods of payment in history. While the bank notes and coin we use to transact have changed over time, the fundamental principles of physical currency have remained the same. The accessibility, ease of use and privacy associated with cash are just a few reasons that it remains a…


Cash and Crises: No Surprises by the Virus

Over the past years, there has been an intense discussion about restricting the use of or even abolishing cash (Rogoff, 2016, Summers, Sands, 2016). The advocates of such drastic measures typically refer to the fact that cash will become obsolete anyway as electronic payments gain more and more importance. However, global cash in circulation increased enormously since the beginning…


Cash vs. Cashless: Why Today’s Businesses Don’t Need to Choose

Cash continues to be the lifeblood of commerce and transactions around the world, but no one can deny that cashless payments have seen a surge in popularity, especially during social distancing and stay-at-home orders. Naturally, this trend leads many business owners to wonder: Cash vs. cashless? Which payment type will be most beneficial for my…

Policy & Programs

Armored Car Industry Reciprocity Act

Read about the Federal Reciprocity Act, what it means and why its important to armored car companies, their employees and customers who need safe transportation of cash and valuables.

NACA Safety and Training Programs

The National Armored Car Association is serious about safety and training. Read more about NACA training programs and our efforts to promote safety throughout the armored car industry.

NACA Advocacy

NACA educates lawmakers on issues important to our industry to help ensure we can deliver cash and valuables as safely and efficiently as possible.

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